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SICE – Tyre service equipment with pedigree.

SICE have been at the forefront of automotive equipment design, manufacture and supply for over 50 years. Based in Correggio, Reggio Emilia, Italy the SICE brand was founded in 1964 and has continually manufactured Tyre Changers, Wheel Balancers, Alignment systems and Automotive lfts.

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Rightly proud of their rich heritage, the brand holds many patents which shows their dedication to progressing the development of tyre service equipment for modern times. Top Marques including Porsche, Mercedes and BMW have all given certain pieces of equipment full approval.

Auto 4 have a very strong relationship with SICE which is now entering its 12th year. Through our continual input from listening to our customers we have worked with SICE to ensure we can offer superior equipment for the professional tyre fitter or fitting establishment. Imagine having a machine with such a thoroughbred pedigree. Quality beyond comparison, advance patented accessories, full engineering support and a commitment to after sales service from one of the largest suppliers in the UK tyre industry. That’s what we at Auto 4, in partnership with SICE, can provide to you to ensure you have the very best equipment for your business.

SICE Tyre Changers
Auto 4 ensure they carry a range of SICE tyre changers that are perfectly matched to the UK market. All Tyre Machines are manufactured at the Italian based plant in Correggio and have undergone a rigours process of design and manufacture before the model is even brought into production. Following a path of continual improvement, all SICE tyre changer machines are fully assessed regularly and individual quality checks are completed on each and every tyre machine before they leave the factory.

Here at Auto 4 we also carry out our own preparation process and pre-delivery inspection on each tyre machine before it leaves our premises. From the SICE S41 swing arm tyre changer available in 240v, 12 v or even air operated for small workshops or mobile fitting vans through to the SICE S300 and SICE S1000 centre post clamping super automatic tyre changers the precision and quality of Italian design and manufacture shine through.

We don’t think you will find a pound for pound better tyre changer machine for your money than with SICE. Experience the best tyre changer available in the UK today, just give us a call or drop us an e-mail and one of our dedicated SICE representatives will be able to answer all your questions.

SICE Wheel Balancers
All SICE Wheel balancers are programmed with advanced Italian software. With over half a century of experience in the wheel balancing market, SICE have developed wheel balancers which offer a great choice of functionality across the range, to suit any wheel balancing application.

The accuracy of a wheel balancer will depend on how man positions it can measure in the 360 degree rotation. The more positions it can pick up in one revolution, then obviously the more accurate it can be in telling you where to place the weight. SICE Wheel balancers have a minimum 256 position sensor in the machine, giving you the most precision possible in todays market.

Some features available in the range include;

- Automatic Wheel Positioning (RPA) The machine will move the wheel to allow the weights to be positioned in the 6 o click position, with a laser highlighting application area to remove human error.

- Pneumatic Clamping On certain models there is the option of Pneumatic or Manual Clamp. Pneumatic clamp wheel balancers speed up the balancing process considerably.

- Electric Brake The electric brake locks the wheel in place to allow easy weight placement

- OPT and Hidden weight placement Special programs for hiding weights behind wheel spokes and OPT to show the best way to mount the tyre on the rim to reduce overall imbalance.

- LCD and Flat screen display All machines have a purpose treated weight tray top for long life as well as clear displays. The S78E TOUCH has a full screen 3D graphic display which is also touch screen.

All SICE wheel balancers also have an optional 2 year warranty. Simply register your purchase with the manufacturer to take advantage of this extended warranty. Wheel balancers are a vital part of the tyre fitting process and it’s essential that you have the correct piece of equipment. Contact one of our SICE representatives.

SICE Vehicle lifts
As well as producing the best Tyre Changers and Wheel balancers, SICE also supply exceptional quality Vehicle lifts in 2 post, 4 post and scissor lift models. All models are produced in in Italy and conform to all relevant European safety and quality standards.

You can never be too careful with lifting equipment and you shouldn’t risk an unknown brand. The 2 post vehicle lifts, available in both 4 and 5 ton capacity, feature a double motor and screw lift system. A motor on each column with a synchronisation setting ensure effortless lifting and due to the screw design, maintenance and wear is greatly reduced when compared to a chain or cable drive lift. 3 stage Telescopic lifting arms and height adjustable pads again shows the attention to detail that SICE demonstrate throughout their product range.

The 2 post vehicle lifts are available in a range of capacities as well as base and baseless versions. For wheel alignment though, the SICE scissor lifts, with slip plates, extended ramps and lifting beam is very hard to beat. Here at Auto 4 you will not only find 2 post lifts for sale but we offer a full assessment, installation and commissioning service with all our lifts.

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